Thursday, June 25, 2009

thursday mursdays

this is my new thing where i put what ever i want up, because its thursday. it will only happen once, so i will make it a doozy

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ski jumps for cash at midnight at kona

Went to the fantasy factory go skate day money for tricks what ever the shit it was called contest at kona this weekend. I got invited to skate with the kayo florida team so i was hyped to go. I guess the layout was florida teams that wanted showed up and with a minimum of 4 person teams entered a three obstacle contest. A bank to wall, 4 block and mega ramp step up monstrosity of creation. For whatever reason kayo only had me and dante so we got two ill local kids to make the 4 man minimum and signed up with konagraftti/element/5 boro/ new blood/ and a few others. Skating ensued, money was handed out for tricks , it was pretty well thought out except for the starting delay so it did'nt start till almost 11 at night, but they had only 2 people from each team skating the obstacles, So it wasn't as bad as it could'a been. They were giving out  a lot of money each trick so it went real quickly. i think all three events took a max of 8 or 10 minutes. I got thirty on the bank to wall then started drinking. it was a good time though, element won. timmy knuth makes lots of money with stuff like this. heres pictures 

29.99 a night, plus a disclaimer advising not to go out after ten at night. yeah, we passed on this one.

bridge travel Skkkketchhhyy

plenty of friends were there.
this mess somehow was skated, and killed.back 3s nollie bigspins tre flip gap up lip. i wouldn't  go near it. unless someone wanted me to set it on fire or tear it down.
the crew
joe got nice and drunk quick off the free beer

jake was merking the mini ramp. he was man three for kayo squad and ripped it.
woulda been super gnarly if made.
jimmy was having a rough time with variel heel, but that didn't affect element getting a grand
hooters girls watched in disdain. well mostly looked like they thought the were better then serving skateboarders drinks for free.

yah yah, i missed it. matt switch back 5-0
chimmay and jimmy, westside/element hybrid
fucking perfectly creepy mustache for matt. i havent been this envious of a mans facial hair sincearlier that day when i saw ians beard.
<-------- there she blows.

ian drunk as shit trying to get 5boro some more money, woulda been sickest trick of the whole thing.

yah that was my flash for this nollie noseblunt. ok not really i just timed it that awesomely
big thanks to  jake and my boy dante! team kayo son we held it down!
WHAT YOU THOUGHT THA HAN WASNT THUR. oh he was and him and clyde were killing it.
statue-Esc men

jo and me went on a rampage, here comes atleast 8 photos of him grabbing his board. you've been warned.

fs wallride indy, like you didn't know.
i blew this one quite a few times.
pep the A

 over-blogging of johan can cause mild dieherrea, nausea, insomnia, and a heavy urge to drink malt liqour.

element deservedly won

they were so hyped
mild raging had to go down. Redbulls and busch at 4 am
feelin real good about my thirty bucks. it helped pay for our room .

money honey

slammerjammered joe

driving home is gay. these signs know it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

definetly remembering my love for sunflower seeds .
always will know my love for pizza.
not sure about my love for work 10 am to 12 am but it made the money.
shoes got sent to wrong address, i'm just bummed cause some lame person probally just got an awesome pair of lakais.
8 am back to work.
see ya eventually.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

after a long 

weekend of me and yonni doing lots of this

we met up with shaq....

and did some of this...

and a little of this