Friday, February 27, 2009

2 years

with my girlfriend today. woah.
anyway, does anyone know anyway to make vx2000s a little better?
heres some pics.



Friday, February 20, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

to tage or not to tage

stacking video clips for the new park montage im making, i realized that in like 3 weeks, all the time were at the park. We could make a full park video. Hmmm probally my worst idea ever but id buy some blank dvds and give a bunch of copies away, I'll try and make a trade with the skatepark lady amber.I'll do this and let her like show it for her park if she agrees to never put 98 rock on the radio station ever again. Fuck, i know that wont happen. Well would anyone watch a full spring hill park video. If it was on youtube. what ever if all the homies are down expect it in the next month of two.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

mind field

was very very healthy for the eyes.
the ground at eckard college is very unhealthy for my back/hip/arm/mentalstate/whiteshirt.
jimmy got down though thats my boy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


friends with video parts

lets watch em

guest appearence by some ugly kid with a blog in yonni's video


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

gainsville and the florida skateboarders hunt for money.

Over the last weekend, Gainesville skatepark and ftk had a money contest. tricks got money, that was the rules. It was pretty tight to see all the friends from everywhere, however alot of things about the contest where odd. Repeat tricks got money, some tricks got nothing. kids in helmets. poor organization.
Well it was fun, i got ten bucks on the manny pad part and west side got the most money overall and won the whole thang. then it was Jason's birthday party at some kid scotts house. Good times where had, then i came home. overall good weekend.
Just wait for the first run of trailers and promos for dango is dead. the new westside video.

so many people where in gville this weekend for the money/snake fest. robbie kirks is a very north florida local now. shit sucks
pep and joe
it was jasons birthday weekend i found out when we got there

matlin and jata plotting

westside was there in full effect. Nix and nosa.
everybody was there
johan seemed over it all day. noseblunt through the crowd
Yoni eyeing up the crowded bank to wall in pursuit of 10$bills

switch smith :-0

tj did this backside flip right away and got no money then two other kids did bs flips and got money..... hmmmm, well organized.
 the roll in crowd.

  number 1 dad

 first try impossible, i became a bert fan this weekend.

 nix with switch dog flip money
 "this contest..ugh."

 nollie tre

Dp was running yonis in skate until yonni got lucky
 perfect view for skate
stackson and valetina were lounging
"eat my nut"
 fat ass
  huck time
 i missed it flick 5-0 fs shuv 5-0ROSA
Afirst try bert
 wallie 180, no money.
   nollie flip 5050, damn. dp came up on the hubba
 woulda been so sickk, 3shuv lip
 big heel board
 switch tre

jimmy and shaq were there for a little bit.

 mustache rides
 happy birthday jason!!!!

 team johan and cody. beer pong rulers, well i dont know if they won any games or not but there the only ones i have beer pong pictures of.
alec being little

cuddle monsters

 dude dance party
 happy birthday jason!
look what he found.
 scott q  in a ad.

seeya later