Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weekend update

eeRLYMPICS ROUND 3 we added an extra event we all got way too drunk, broke stuff and put a good few 
weeks in the way of having another one at joes.

joe well dressed for the night.
my pool.

atwood wasn't pleased with my trick.
kevrick fully loaded.
Volume chug contest, 24 ouncsfast as you can.

aaron in green was the victor

everyone that did volume chug puked as soon as it was over.

from about now on most the pictures were taken by atwood and then by who ever so it gets random.

lots of pics of joe chugging/drinking out of that mug

jason about to miss a shot.

mike liked no flash with blur, heres a rare one that wasnt blurry.

theres like 15 photos like this. haha


shoot the photo then move camera real fast, atwoods technique

more volume chug.

joe won, then him and pete both puked in the bathroom all over eww.

"im having so much fun, this is the best party ever joe!"

"best party in a long time, better take my shirt off."

being a piece of shit.

yonni thinks he can chug.
westside kitchen
some sorta of chugging debate.
kara wanted ricks dreds. duh
its always easier to pour beerbongs while standing on a counter

kara found tori and cuddling followed immediately

it doesnt take much booze for all men to start hugging.
tori left her cave to help clean and watch the winding down.
somebody found a bb gun.
danny should never be aloud to hold a gun drunk.

this followed by lots of puking and passing out is how the most successful beerlympics to date ended!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

its tough

to spell verdi

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009


future beerlympic champion 
this was a make
me and yonni were champions of the night
joe rocked the skins
start of the night fridge
flaming beer pong has potential
group shotgun
kara struggled through 16 ounces
lemire was there@!
joe past out early as fuck
 i had great ideas all night long.
peep the fridge

"it was the most confusing wake up of my life."