Monday, October 20, 2008

i definitely hope i don't do this often.

This evening was definitely a lonely one, christ, i mean hours of hours of books, sitting, food, Websites i wasn't even interested in. But what else was there to do to scatter the mind enough to ignore how depressing the world was. Even as i think that. i know its not gonna work. I can mindlessly watch tv or draw or anything but some little nagging knot in my head will keep reminding me that as i pass time the world is crumbling. Not in some apocalyptic battle or end of the world scenario. But more like a that man needs help he's dying, we'll theres nothing i can do for him and im late for lunch I cant afford or a what do you want for christmas hardworking mother and 2 kids that do great in school, well my job is full of stress and effort but i barely make enough so we can live decent, while so many douches just sit point the finger and make gajillions so what you want for christmas isnt important, i can't afford it and now i just feel bad kinda way. I don't know, never truly have and i dont believe ANYONE will. No matter what, the majority of the world is terrible. 99 percent of the world is terrible, this rambling is terrible, atleast it's out of my head and into this nice little typing machine i call a mac you call a blog we call nothing important and the rest of the world calls a waste of time, probally wrong or just plain stupid.

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