Monday, February 9, 2009

to tage or not to tage

stacking video clips for the new park montage im making, i realized that in like 3 weeks, all the time were at the park. We could make a full park video. Hmmm probally my worst idea ever but id buy some blank dvds and give a bunch of copies away, I'll try and make a trade with the skatepark lady amber.I'll do this and let her like show it for her park if she agrees to never put 98 rock on the radio station ever again. Fuck, i know that wont happen. Well would anyone watch a full spring hill park video. If it was on youtube. what ever if all the homies are down expect it in the next month of two.


Anonymous said...

dont make a tage, make a full video. then mail me it. or, just give it to me for youtube. :)

Pete said...

park vid is not enough, plenty of famous bville and sink hell spots to be filmed. I have yet to see anyone film that roof to street gap off fort dade near the courthouse.