Tuesday, May 5, 2009

weekend update


Its crazy how something so abstract and supernatural can hold such a drastic and immediate respect from so many people. Im just an honest god fearing citizen. I love my bible, cross, mac and cheese and automatic rifle upstairs, i don't use it but if a chink comes on my porch i'll kill him you betcha. But if my daughter gets raped and pregnant that baby stays, we aint no baby killers. Ahmen


dirty massage book

NOBAMA Hmm they might be onto something about global warming.

plotting destruction and how not to get kicked out immediately, but we did anyway.


hustler is quite graphic

going to the spot

pep and dp were in town for the weekend

and spent it having a worse kickflip challenge

shaq showed up.

dp and yonni had a unnoffical switch ollie contest without ethier of them knowing.

car loads

 nosa ending his night right.

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