Friday, July 17, 2009

westside spot demo

shit was poppin off son, know what i mean!
well a bunch of people were there heres photos in chronological order so you can feel like you were there.

nick and dan in from providence to kill it and lurk the demo hard as fuck

all westsiders that could be there were there, including captin mikespinosa!
free food CHINGCHING
 danny was there
nosa ss bs bigspin
people were actually there woah.
bardo bs tail
tj flick fs board
malcom nollie bs flip i think.
malcom nollie bs flip i think.

matt fs feebs 
matt nollie heel
nosa fs flip the rail
me deck checking on a switch fs flip
so i took it to something smaller and barely squeezed it in there.
brent fakie flip
brent switch tre.
cramer with a bs nosegrind 

me and yonni wanting to puke
tj nosegrind always easily
tj full cab.
malcom fucked his foot up, but peep the tats.

boss man montesi took all of us for pizza.
shit was ill.

john getting the tab

satisfied costumer 

we tryed to go skate after but it wasnt going so well.
the time zone switch is throwing nick all off. ;-)

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