Thursday, January 15, 2009

night sessions

most days are full of work school or crappy busts of spots so night skating has been the skating of choice for the past few days.

pep was hyped on the session, by hyped i mean that life is trife.

my favorite spot

jack and manny

the geny wouldnt work so i was mission possibling it to plug the lights in.

trapped like a ratt
what did he do?!?!
ollie manny to answer my own question

day time woah!

probally the last sparks ever. There discontinued :-(
lurk on the blunt
i guess lizards like this are common all around downtown miami and shit. i freaked when i seen it and wanted photos. everyone else said theres tons more all around.
lurk and ant were on it

he was out cold
south beach stretching
that basicly sums up miami
everywhere down south, something is slowing traffic up. whether its a bar accident on 95 or a boat on some random road.
jack takes his sweet ass time with lights 

spot guide lurk daddy billions 

lurk tried to get down on a pole jam to the crust bank of death.
jack was freezing

came close but couldnt pull it out last night.

trying to stack

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