Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wats up with your crew. crew. the crew, switchin crews for a minute

switchin up the crew

what does banging winner cody lucas eat at pollo tropical
answer is what doesnt he eat

the media crew
whats up with your crew
wheres your crew
dp was soooooo hyped on the stache
messsys kid ever
clothes were scattered
my 3rd car accident i seen hear
yeah i was hopin on rails.
best steee( ants on maxs dick)
max always trying some gnarly ass akward trick
fuck you sue me

pep just being pep 
we chilled for a bit
my bed at peps
laundry was waaaaayyyy past due
the illest view is at peps we spent alot of time at here at night and in the morning. 
ppep and yodas bathroom trip blog

pee spot found
needed a good spot to poo
yoda finishing up
adam was shocked/very very happy to see us
adam is always hyped
bagel was there, bagel is gnarly.
max has the best style in the world.
the crew for the pool sessh
dp was getting up there
pep near broken glass.
ss fs shuvs
bagel learned muska fs flips and was showing us indoors.
max wasnt to hyped
some spots are really gnarly
i was  hyped on the view
they were hyped on blunts to sleep
nibbla is good as fuck at getting down on my food ahah
shittyy days

worst bum out, was shouting shit at everyone.

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